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Our Mission

To be the preeminent web portal service provider for all condominium.

Our Vision

A communal portal serving all your needs in condominium living

What Why How We do for you?
We develop Software-as-a-Service with applications running on a shared infrastructure for all condominiums to leverage on, gain benefits and save cost.
We've the drive to induce change for a better future by leveraging on technologies to bring about productivity in managing a condominium, providing better communication and experiences for all residents.
We stay original, inventive and creative in providing fresh ideas in developing productivity tools, improving and adding new features to assist The Management in managing the estate well and serving the residents’ needs in condominium living.

Why myCondo?

m indful
- We're mindful to develop a portal that will assist MA and MC to manage estate as well
y ou
- We'll develop productivity tools to serve you and your needs in condominium living
C ondo
- We'll ensure all condo will see the benefits of being our member.
o pen
- We'll always open for feedback and suggestion.
n ew
- We'll always be improving and adding new features to serve your needs.
d rive
- We've the drive to induce change for a better furture
o riginal
- We'll stay original, inventive and creative in providing fresh design and services.

myCondo Features

We never stop improving our features and developing new ones


Aside from having a fully functional web portal, you surely want it to look nice and be user-friendly. myCondo provides you innovative designs that perfectly fits the look and feel of your condominium.


Allows the Management to upload news, notices and circulars and notify the residents through mass email upon uploading. Your residents will always be informed on what's happening at the condominium.


Allows the Management to upload information, forms and other useful resources for the residents to view or download.


Shows a list of recreational facilities and allow residents to see facility availbility, make booking reservation and booking self-confirmation, through myCredit, online 24/7.


Forget about time-consuming visits to the Management Office to check for date availability, facility booking payments and getting refundable deposits. myCredit manages cash flow including refundable deposits for facility bookings.


Allows the Management to manage residents' profiles, define user access rights to all modules and manage email notifications.


Keeps tracks of contracts, warranties, sitework schedules and allow suppliers to submit their invoices online.


Have you ever experienced delays on service requests and resolving issues? Through myIssue, all service requests and issues can be submitted online. You can share, discuss and resolve issues with the Management in a timely manner.

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