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About Us

A narrative of our own Brand Story. You’d get to learn why myCondo exists.

What we do?

Since the time of inception in 2007, myCondo has developed Software-as-a-Service with applications running on a shared infrastructure for all condominiums to leverage on, gain benefits and save cost.

choose us?

We have the drive to induce change for a better future by leveraging on technologies to bring about productivity in managing a condominium, providing better communication and experiences for all residents.

how different
are we?

We stay original, innovative and creative in providing fresh ideas in developing productivity tools, improving and adding new features to assist The Management in managing the estate well and serving the residents’ needs in condominium living.



To provide abundance of solutions
to modern condo living experience

your feedback matters to us

Let’s hear What they say

Easy to use. Very useful tool for estate management.

Eng Hong Lim Alan

5 stars! Great service! Very happy with all the new features in myCondo. Keep it up!!

Jess Neo

5 stars! Quite a useful app. Earlier had some technical issues but they seem to be solved after the latest update 👍

Divya Seshadri

Perfect form function. This software has saved me a lot of time. I no longer need to go to the office to fill out or submit forms. I just need to fill in my basic information directly on it and submit. The condo manager will inform me of the status of the form through it. No need for other communication to solve my problems, such as moving or access cards, etc. Highly recommended for every condo to use.

Yong Cheng Ooi

What a very nice app for us condo residents! It's really easy to use, even my parents who are not that techy enjoy it so much~ Really helpful!

Angelique Alipio

I never thought it would be this convenient! This app is perfect for this generation. It's like a one stop shop for all condo needs. Can't wait for them to ehance further the myMarketplace! It would be outstanding! 👏🏼

Aerron Joshua Cadid

What I love about myCondo, it is an all-in-one condo management solution for the condo residents. I love that I can check items for sell for my condo needs plus, easily book facilities!

Maryrose Ilagan

We are fortunate to have a good MA who can quickly resolve our feedback through myCondo. It's a very user-friendly app.

Hu Yi

Community App. I found this app very useful as it saved me a trip and time.

Alan Ku

Excellent and user friendly smart estate APP. With strong back end support team. Very responsive to enquiry. Well done!

OneSg Holding



Overall, myCondo is driven by the goal of making condominium living more productive, efficient, and accessible for everyone.


Technology can improve productivity in managing a condo by streamlining communication and information sharing


Accessible and efficient means for residents and property management in a shared online infrastructure


Accessibility to modern living experience paired with convenient professional services for all



Our brand name carries fundamental objectives toward making a positive impact to the condominium community. Beyond our each letter are cautiously defined meaning of what we believe in.

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We are mindful to develop a portal that will assist MA and MC to manage the estate well.


We develop productivity tools to serve you and your needs in condominium living.


We will ensure all condominiums will see the benefits of being our member.


We are always open for feedbacks and suggestions.


We’ll always be improving and adding new features to serve your needs.


We have the drive to induce change for a better future.


We will stay original, innovative and creative in providing fresh design and services.