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A Deep Dive into myCondo’s Essential Features
myCondo's Features

In the ever-evolving landscape of condominium living, where convenience meets community, myCondo emerges as a transformative force, reshaping the way residents interact with their living spaces. Seamlessly blending technology with the essence of community living, myCondo offers a myriad of features designed to meet the unique needs of modern condominium dwellers. Let’s embark on a journey through these essential features, each crafted to enhance your condo living experience.

1. myUnit: Personalized Unit Management
myCondo’s myUnit feature is the cornerstone of personalized management. It efficiently organizes information related to Subsidiary Proprietors, Resident Owners, and Tenants, providing detailed insights into unit types and tenancy periods. This feature ensures that every resident’s unique needs are met with precision.

2. myFacility: Streamlined Facility Booking
Say farewell to cumbersome booking processes. myFacility, an online Facility Booking Management System, empowers residents to effortlessly reserve amenities. With the option for self-confirmation through myCredit available 24/7, booking becomes a hassle-free experience tailored to your schedule.

3. myAircon: Cooling Solutions at Your Fingertips
Maintaining a comfortable living environment is simplified with myAircon. Read reviews, select your preferred merchant, schedule services, and make online payments seamlessly. This feature ensures that your home remains cool and inviting, catering to your individual preferences.

4. myNews: Instant Communication Hub
Informed residents build a stronger community. myNews allows Management to upload news, notices, or circulars, instantly notifying residents via mass email upon uploading. Stay up-to-date with essential community updates, fostering a sense of belonging and awareness.

5. myCredit: Transparent Financial Transactions
Transparent financial transactions are pivotal for community trust. myCredit manages cash and cheque transactions, meticulously tracking movements when residents make payments for Facility Booking and House Moving. This transparency ensures accountability and builds trust within the community.

6. myFeedback: Your Voice Amplified
Your feedback matters. myFeedback provides a platform for residents to voice their opinions and concerns. Management can actively respond, update, and share the status of feedback, fostering a sense of community involvement and responsiveness.

7. myEvent and myAnnouncement: Engaging Community Events
Community engagement is the soul of condo living. myEvent allows Management to upload event information, inviting and notifying residents through email notifications. Simultaneously, myAnnouncement enables the swift dissemination of vital news and events, ensuring residents are informed from their very first login.

8. myMarketplace: Community Commerce Redefined
myMarketplace transforms the condo community into a vibrant marketplace. Residents can discover, buy, and sell items, fostering economic interactions and community spirit. This digital hub enriches not only your living space but also your economic connections within the community.

9. myForm: Tailored Surveys for Enhanced Services
Understanding resident needs is paramount. myForm simplifies the creation of online survey forms, gathering feedback, preferences, and opinions. This valuable data aids in formulating better plans, ensuring that services are always tailored to serve the community effectively.

10. myMove: Seamless House Moving Solutions
Moving in and out of a condo has never been smoother. myMove, an online House Moving application, allows owners to submit requests 24/7. Condo managers are instantly notified through email alerts, streamlining the move-in and move-out processes with efficiency and convenience.

11. myReport and myCouncil: Informed Decision Making
Informed decisions empower communities. myReport keeps detailed records of Facility Booking Collection, Booking Statistics, and other essential reports. Concurrently, myCouncil empowers the Management Council, allowing the setup of Sub-Committee members with special access rights to vital reports and modules. This ensures every decision made is backed by accurate data.

12. mySupplier: Efficient Contract Management
Managing contracts, warranties, and sitework schedules is simplified with mySupplier. This feature keeps track of Contracts, Warranties, and Sitework Schedules, sending auto-reminder notifications before their expiry. With this, essential agreements are renewed promptly, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted services for residents.

myCondo's Features


In essence, myCondo is not just an application; it’s a lifestyle enhancer, a community builder, and a facilitator of seamless living. As it seamlessly integrates these features, myCondo emerges as a guiding light, illuminating the path to a harmonious and enriched condominium living experience. Experience the future of community living with myCondo – where technology meets the heart of the community.


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